Our Staff

Our Instructors & Staff Members

Our Instructors have spent many years devoted to training in the art of Kenpo and other martial arts and have attained a certain level of expertise to qualify them as teachers and also mentors.

Through extensive testing, certification and tournament level competition, our staff has attained mastery in this martial art and now enjoy sharing their skill and passing it on to their students.

Here are a few of DePalma's Team USA Martial Arts instructors and other staff members, starting with Kyoshi Fred DePalma:
Kyoshi Fred DePalma  (Kyoshi 9th Degree) 
Kyoshi DePalma has been teaching the martial arts since 1981 and running his own schools since 1986. Kyoshi DePalma entered the USMC when he was 17 and is a former national champion with over 700 trophies and awards to his name. When asked what his greatest accomplishment was in the martial arts, he stated "I feel the best knowing that I am sharing part of me, my martial arts with others. Every time I hand a new belt to a student, from the youngest white belt to the highest black belt I feel I've accomplished my goals through their achievements."


"It's not about what I've done. It's about what we can do for you."
- Kyoshi Fred DePalma

Robin DePalma  (Master - 5th Degree)  

Master Robin DePalma has been training in the martial arts since 1997. She is currently the Manager's Manager and All School Adviser. She has previously held the positions of Program Director, Instructor and Head Instructor at one of our location. She hopes to positively influence the life of every student she teaches. She loves the values the martial arts has to offer and hopes to develop each student into a great person. In addition to her martial arts profession she is also the Mother of two precious boys and the wife of Kyoshi DePalma. She enjoys living the martial arts with her husband and looks forward to the goals they have set for the future.

For more information about the DePalma's Team USA Martial Arts staff or training programs, please contact us at 480 892-3949 or by clicking here.